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Activities relating to Energy, developed by Indice ICT & Management  are:

  • Energetic efficiency
  • EN ISO 16001:2009 –  Energy Management System
  • Energy Network (e-Energy)
  • Renewables energy (green products / services)

Energetic efficiency

  • Rationalize and optimize energy consumption;
  • Identify possibilities for diversification of energy sources, including alternative     energy;
  • Stimulate the rational and efficient use of energy resources;
  • Increased use of renewable energy, recycling, and reuse of process residues.

EN ISO 16001:2009 – Energy Management System
Implementation of Energy Management System according to EN ISO 16001:2009.
Energy Network (e-Energy)
Group of companies, which implements solutions to improve their energy management, installing software internally and usage the web platform for sharing "good practices", identification of common problems, benchmarking, among others;

Renewables energy (products / services green)
Study and conception of projects - solar, geothermal, biomass or wind power.




Energetic eficiency

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Energy on Network

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Renewable Energies

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